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Helping Your Child at Home

The school has a Homework Policy in operation. This involves a timetable of expectations, particularly at Key Stage 2, of work to be undertaken at home. The expectations for our younger pupils hinge around reading and support for key words, sounds and simple spellings.

All children are expected to take reading books home. We do expect them to do some reading in this time. We do ask you, as parents, to assist with your child's reading programme.

Please make time to listen to your child read each day, particularly infant pupils, for the progress he/she makes is influenced by the interest that you show.

Reading is not just school reading books. We do encourage shared books of every type in order to maintain their fresh interest and motivation to read.

Junior pupils are encouraged to learn their tables and are set what they have to achieve on an individual basis.

Spelling, too, is important. Pupils do not bring home lists of spellings but rather spellings that they have difficulty remembering and use on a regular basis and are recorded in their individual spelling journals.