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Parent Forum

About The Parent Forum
The parent forum at Buckton Vale has been developed as a means to improve parental involvement with in school, to give parents a voice and to ensure that parent voice is heard in decision making. It is not an avenue for complaining about problems/situations involving specific children. The Buckton Vale Parent Forum supports the work of the school and aids in future improvements.

How Often Does The Forum Meet?
The forum meets once every term. The meetings run from 6pm-7.30pm. Extra meetings may be called in extraordinary circumstances.

What Happens At A Forum Meeting?
The meeting is chaired by the teacher in charge (Mrs. Dawn Lister) and attended by members of the Senior Leadership Team and Governors. A typical agenda includes:

1. A welcome and introduction by a member of staff.
2. Feedback on issues from previous forum as required
3. Agenda shared, focusing on specific focus for the evening.
4. Where we are now with focus
5. Opportunities for parents to discuss/generate ideas on focus
6. Feedback from parents
7. Vision of way to move forward/strategies discussed
8. Conclusion

Prior to the meeting school will consult parents on a particular issues and/ or ask for their opinions. The feedback is shared at the meeting and the forum collectively draws conclusions and recommends action to the head teacher and governing body.

Terms of Reference
Members of the parent forum adhere to the following terms of reference:

The parent forum is a body of parents, representing parents, led by the governing body and school. The forum:

1. Is a constructive tool with which the head teacher and governing body may consult the parent body.
2. Is a conduit to feed information from the school to parents and from parents to the school. When asking for feedback from parents forum members should

Adopt a neutral stance and not offer or promote their personal view.
Not allow parents to involve you in any other course of action.

3. Has an advisory and consultative role. The governing body remains the decision maker and provides strategic leadership.
4. All participants of the forum will be asked to read and sign a constitution before their first meeting.

The Forum is not:  a place for the discussion of specific areas of concern around individual children. Please speak to the Headteacher directly for these concerns.

How Do I become A Member of the Parent Forum?
Parents are invited to join the forum at the start of each academic year. Attendance records/minutes are kept on file for each meeting.