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Fortnight Beginning 4th May


Download this file (Homelearning Tree Summer Term weeks 3-4.pdf)Home Learning Cherry Blossom Tree Lessons Overview SUmmer Term weeks 3-4[Links and details across all subjects to activities]191 kB
Download this file (English -The City of Silence work pack.pdf)English[Work pack with lessons for weeks 3 and 4]2945 kB
Download this file (Suggested timetable for the English activites.docx)Timetable for English activities.[Use this to help you organise when to do which activities for the English workbook. ]13 kB
Download this file (Lesson Presentation Keeping Cool.pptx)Science lesson 1 'Keeping Cool'[presentation]28695 kB
Download this file (Differentiated Investigating Materials Activity Sheet.pdf)Science lesson 1 'Keeping Cool'.[Activity recording sheet (choose your own level of difficultly using the star ratings).]352 kB
Download this file (Differentiated Lunch Box Report Activity Sheet.pdf)Science lesson 1 'Keeping Cool'.[Format to write accompanying report with recommendation from your findings.]372 kB
Download this file (Science Cleaning Challenge Instructions.pdf)Science lesson 2 'Cleaning Challenge'.[Instructions on the lesson.]144 kB
Download this file (Investigation Planning Sheet.pdf)Science lesson 2 'Cleaning Challenge'.[Investigation planning and recording document for children to use (they are familiar with this format)]31 kB
Download this file (VE day information powerpoint.ppt)Humanities research[presentation to explain VE day]7991 kB
Download this file (Simple WW2 Spitfire Glider Activity Paper Craft.pdf)Humanities craft[spitfire glider craft]3796 kB
Download this file ('Code-Cracking for Beginners' Morse Code Worksheet.pdf)Humanities code cracking[Have a god at cracking the code- maybe you could create you own challenges too?]395 kB
Download this file (VE day reading comprehension.pdf)Humanities reading[Reading comprehension- see how much you know and what is new information]1565 kB
Download this file (Wartime Recipe Booklet.pdf)Humanities cooking![See if you can make any of these recipes- or see what you can make with the 'rations' you currently have in your cupboards.]39739 kB
Download this file (Year 6 Arithmetic Practice Paper – Week 10.pdf)Arithmetic test 10[maths arithmetic paper ]805 kB
Download this file (Year 6 Arithmetic Practice Paper – Week 10 – ANSWERS.pdf)Arithmetic test 10 answers[ ]126 kB
Download this file (Year 6 Arithmetic Practice Paper – Week 11.pdf)Arithmetic test 11[maths arithmetic paper ]801 kB
Download this file (Year 6 Arithmetic Practice Paper – Week 11 – ANSWERS.pdf)Arithmetic test 11 answers[ ]124 kB