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The Snowman

This morning we have revealed to the children that we have our very own Snowman which will be part of the ‘Walking With the Snowman’ trail at Media City UK. This is part of the 40th anniversary celebrations of Raymond Briggs’ classic tale, The Snowman. Our Snowman will be displayed at a Venue in Media City UK from 7th December so the timeline for creating this work of art is a very quick turnaround. Once the trail has finished, the Snowman will be returned to school for us to keep. Every child in the school is going to contribute to the designing of our Snowman and we are all very excited about this project.

As a school, we have decided to base the Snowman on ‘Buckton Vale in the community and links beyond’ and link this to the events that have happened in our neighbourhood. We would like the children to carry out some research based on one of the following ideas about our area of Carrbrook: somebody famous, our heroes, local history and historical landmarks or local news. The children can download any images relating to this and bring them in to school ASAP. Please ensure any images that are downloaded are not copyrighted.

We are going to decorate the Snowman with paintings, picture prints, collages, pens and glitter. We look forward to the children’s input and can’t wait to get started.