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Week Beginning 4th May

Please find below the overview, timetable and resources for this week.

Download this file (Week Overview Beech wb 4.5.20.docx)Week Overview Beech 4.5.20[An overview of activites set for week.]571 kB
Download this file (Timetable w.b 4th May.docx)Year 2 Timetable - Week beginning Monday 4th May[A suggested timetable to complete the Year 2 activities. ]22 kB
Download this file (Keeping Clean Lesson Presentation 4.5.20.ppt)Science Keeping Clean Powerpoint 4.5.20[PowerPoint introducing Keeping clean inclduing today's tasks. ]4539 kB
Download this file (Examples of Hand Soap Bottles 4.5.20.docx)Examples of Hand Wash Bottles 4.5.20[Pictures of Hand Wash Bottles to be used for inspiration ]640 kB
Download this file (Adjectives for Hand Soap 4.5.20.docx)Adjectives for Hand Wash 4.5.20[A list of adjectives that can be used to persuade a customer to buy your hand wash. ]61 kB
Download this file (Advert word mat.docx)Advert Vocabulary Mat 4.5.20[A vocabulary mat including phrses and words that can be used for Hand Wash Advert ]30 kB
Download this file (Keeping our Teeth Clean Lesson Presentation 5.5.20.ppt)Science Keeping our Teeth Clean PowerPoint 5.5.20[Today's PowerPoint includes tasks ]4615 kB
Download this file (Dear Tooth Fairy 6.5.20.docx)Dear Tooth Fairy Template 6.5.20[A template that can be printed for today's letter wriiting. ]41 kB
Download this file (How to write a letter poster 5.5.20.pdf)How to write a letter poster 5.5.20[A poster to explain the features that should be included in a letter. ]51 kB
Download this file (Teath and Eating Word Mat.pdf)Dear Tooth Fairy Vocabulary Mat 5.5.20[Vocabulary and spellings that can be including in your letter to the Tooth Fairy. ]460 kB
Download this file (Lesson Presentation Where Is Kenya 6.5.20.ppt)Where is Kenya? [PowerPoint introducing Kenya. Today's task explained in PowerPoint. ]18316 kB
Download this file (Lets Explore 7.5.20.ppt)Let's Explore Kenya [PowerPoint exploring Kenya. Today's task explained in PowerPoint.]15544 kB
Download this file (Blank World Map 7.5.20.pdf)Blank World Map 7.5.20[Extra resources for Kenya Book]2459 kB
Download this file (Blank Kenya Map 7.5.20.pdf)Blank Kenya Map 7.5.20[Extra resource which can be used for map drawing]854 kB
Download this file (Blank Kenya Fact Sheet 7.5.20.pdf)Blank Kenya Fact Sheet 7.5.20[Extra resources for Kenya Book]327 kB
Download this file (Kenyan Flag Colouring Sheet 7.2.20.pdf)Kenya Colouring Flag 7.2.20[Extra resources for Kenya Book]857 kB
Download this file (VE Day celebrations.JPG)Victory in Europe Day Celebrations 8.5.20[A picture to show how VE Day can be celebrated during lockdown. ]75 kB
Download this file (VE Day Powerpoint 8.5.20.ppt)Victory in Europe Day PowerPoint 8.5.20[Tasks to celebrate VE Day. ]9653 kB
Download this file (VE Day Wordsearch.pdf)Victory in Europe Day Wordsearch 8.5.20[A fun wordsearch to complete to celebrate VE day. ]1397 kB
Download this file (VE Day Word Mat.pdf)Victory in Europe Day Vocabulary Mat 8.5.20[A mat including key vocabulary. ]184 kB
Download this file (Adult Guidance Sheet Kenya Background Knowledge 7.5.20.pdf)Adult guidance sheet - Kenya knowledge 7.5.20[Information on Kenya]594 kB