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Week Beginning 11th May

 Please find below the overview, timetable and resources for this week.

The weekly timetable is purely a guide so please complete the activities at a pace that is best suited to your child


10th May

Congratulations to the boys for winning the TTRockstars Battle again this week! Unfortunately, only 6 children took part in the battle so the scores were not very high this week.

This week's leaderboard is as follows:

Boys                            Girls

1st - Max                     1st - Ava

2nd - Zach                   2nd - Georgia

                                   3rd - Ramona.

This week's battle starts tomorrow at 9:00am



Download this file (Timetable w.b 11th May.docx)Year 2 Timetable - Week beginning Monday 5th May [A suggested timetable to complete the Year 2 activities.]23 kB
Download this file (Animal Babies Lesson Presentation 11.5.20.pptx)Science Animal Babies PowerPoint 11.5.20 [PowerPoint exploring how animals grow including an explaination of today's activity.]8995 kB
Download this file (Animal Growth Word Mat 11.5.20.pdf)Animal Growth Word Mat 11.5.20[A vocabulary mat including key science words. ]407 kB
Download this file (Activity Sheet Egg or Not Landscape 11.5.20.pdf)Science Egg or Not Activity 11.5.20[Today's activity that can be printed or displayed easily in books. ]466 kB
Download this file (Step 1   Relationships - Our Special People 12.5.20.pptx)PHSE Relationships - Our Special People 12.5.20[A powerpoint discussing special people in our lives including an explanation of today's task. ]1997 kB
Download this file (Examples of Acrostic Poems.docx)Examples of Acrostic Poems 12.5.20[Pictures of acrostic poems to help with ideas. ]179 kB
Download this file (T2-E-996-Recognise-Some-Different-Forms-of-Poetry-Acrostics-Poster.pdf)Acrostic Poem Poster 12.5.20[A poster explaining Acrostic Poems. ]6951 kB
Download this file (National Parks and Wildlife 13.5.20.ppt)Kenya National Parks 13.5.20[A Powerpoint looking at National Parks in Kenya including today's task.]19040 kB
Download this file (Activity Sheet My National Park Plan.pdf)Kenya National Parks 13.5.20[A National Park plan which can be used if you have a printer or for ideas on what to include in your design.]296 kB
Download this file (t-g-664-kenya-fact-file-ks1_ver_1.pdf)Kenya Fact Sheet [More information on Kenya to help with your own Kenya Lapbook]1092 kB
Download this file (Lesson 1 Summer Term Week 2 -Compare-lengths-2019.pdf)White Rose Summer Term Week 2 [Lesson 1 11.5.20]1030 kB
Download this file (Lesson2  Summer Term Week 2 -Order lengths-2019.pdf)White Rose Summer Term Week 2[Lesson 2 12.5.20]1322 kB
Download this file (Lesson 3 Summer Term Week 2 -four operations lengths-2019.pdf)White Rose Summer Term Week 2[Lesson 3 13.5.20]1117 kB
Download this file (Lesson-4-Problem-Solving.pdf)White Rose Summer Term Week 2[Lesson 4 14.5.20]214 kB
Download this file (acrostic-names-ideas-checklist 12.5.20.pdf)Acrostic Poem Word Bank 12.5.20[A list of words that be used in your Acrostic Poems]500 kB