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Week Beginning 13th July

Hello Beech Class,

Can you believe that this is our last week of home learning! March seems like so long ago! Thank you all so much for your effort and dedication during this difficult time. It has been wonderful to see all of the amazing work that you have produced. You should be very proud of yourself. We are certainly proud of you!

As this is the final week, we have planned some fun and creative activities for you to complete.

We look forward to having you back in the classroom next week for more fun to end the school year!

Many thanks once again,

Miss Woodhouse

Download this file (Home Learning Timetable.pdf)Year 2 Timetable - Week beginning Monday 13th July[A suggested timetable to complete the Year 2 activities.]61 kB
Download this file (Lesson 1 - Litres.pdf)White Rose Week 11 13.7.20[ Lesson 1 Litres ]1294 kB
Download this file (Lesson 2 - Temperature.pdf)White Rose Week 11 14.7.20[Lesson 2: Temperature ]1269 kB
Download this file (Lesson 3 - O clock and half past.pdf)White Rose Week 11 15.7.20[Lesson 3: O clock and half past ]1452 kB
Download this file (Lesson 4 - Quarter past and quarter to.pdf)White Rose Week 11 16.7.20[Lesson 4: quarter past and quarter to]1495 kB
Download this file (Family-Challenge-Friday-10th-July-1.pdf)White Rose Week 11 Friday Maths Challenge [Parent reference]474 kB
Download this file (Lesson 1 Answers - Litres.pdf)Maths Lesson 1 ANSWERS[Parent reference]1865 kB
Download this file (Lesson 2 Answers - Temperature.pdf)Maths Lesson 2 ANSWERS[Parent reference]2513 kB
Download this file (Lesson 3 Answers - O clock and half past.pdf)Maths Lesson 3 ANSWERS[Parent reference]2042 kB
Download this file (Lesson 4 Answers - Quarter past and quarter to.pdf)Maths Lesson 4 ANSWERS[Parent reference]2164 kB
Download this file (Family-Challenge-Friday-10th-July-Answers-1.pdf)Maths Friday Challenge ANSWERS[Parent reference]49 kB
Download this file (t-t-29006-end-of-the-year-writing-activity-sheet_ver_4 Monday.pdf)My Favourite Memories 13.7.20[Use this template to highlight your memories froms school or home this year. ]625 kB
Access this URL (https://www.youtube.com/c/RobBiddulph72/videos)Draw with Rob YouTube Link [Choose a video and get arty! ]0 kB
Download this file (t-t-28988-all-about-me-activity-sheet-_ver_3.pdf)All About Me! 14.7.20[Complete this and bring it in next week. I can pass this to your new class teacher. ]380 kB
Download this file (t2-inc-4-i-am-an-amazing-person-activity-sheet_ver_1.pdf)I am an AMAZING Person 14.7.20[Use this template as a prompt. ]219 kB
Download this file (Lesson Presentation Life Cycles.ppt)Plants Life Cycle PowerPoint 15.7.20[PowerPoint introducing Plant Life Cycles.]11376 kB
Download this file (Activity Sheet Sunflower Life Cycle.pdf)Science Task 15.7.20[Task linked the powerpoint. ]151 kB
Download this file (t-e-2550404-ks1-understanding-social-distancing-reading-comprehension-ages-5-7_ver_3.pdf)Understanding Social Distancing Reading Comprehension 16.7.20[Choose a star level sheet that is suitable for your child.]2128 kB
Download this file (Eureka-at-home-No-7-Lava-Lamp.pdf)Eureka Science Experiment [Create your very own Lava Lamp! I would love to see pictures of you making it!]1613 kB
Download this file (SPaG presentation.ppt)Year 2 SPaG 17.7.20[PowerPoint for today's SPaG task.]3320 kB
Download this file (Activity Sheets Punctuation Pits Black and White.pdf)Year 2 SPaG 17.7.20[Task 2 Punctuation Pits]66 kB
Download this file (Activity Sheet Correct Sentences Black and White.pdf)Year 2 SPaG 17.7.20[Task 1: Correct Sentences ]163 kB
Access this URL (https://hourofcode.com/tynkercq)Candy Quest Link[Click on this link for today's coding activity.]0.1 kB
Download this file (Cowbury-dale-trail.pdf)Tameside: Cowbury Dale Trail [Extra fun with the family! ]2812 kB
Access this URL (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKcuxbPfty4)EUREKA LAVA LAMP VIDEO[Watch this video before you make your own! ]0 kB