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Week Beginning 18th May

 Please find below the overview, timetable and resources for this week.

The weekly timetable is purely a guide so please complete the activities at a pace that is best suited to you and your child.

Hello Beech Class,

I hope you are all well and managing to complete activities on your timetable. Thank you very much for sending in photographs of your work as it is lovely to see the outcomes of the work that I set. This week, I read some wonderful acrostic poems about the people in your life that are special to you.

This week we are continuing our topic Africa by finding out what the ‘Big Five’ is and listening to African rhythms. I have even set a challenge of creating some dance moves to the music. In PHSE, children will discuss how we make decisions and they will complete the science topic ‘Animals including Humans’ by looking at what animals and humans need to survive.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everybody involved in creating the video with the children for the staff at Buckton Vale. Listening to the words and seeing you all made me very emotional. It is something that I will remember forever.

Take care and keep safe,

Miss Woodhouse


Friday 15th May

Congratulations to the boys for winning the TTRockstars Battle again this week! The boys scored 833 points and the girls scored 468 points.

This week's leaderboard is as follows:

Boys                            Girls

1st - Jacob                  1st - Ava

2nd - Max                    2nd - Isabella

3rd- Laurence               3rd - Ayla

Don't forget that there is a weekly boys vs girls battle on TTRockstars! This week's battle is live right now so get involved and see if we can have a win for the girls this week!

Download this file (Timetable w.b 18th May.pdf)Year 2 Timetable - Week beginning Monday 17th May[A suggested timetable to complete the Year 2 activities.]146 kB
Download this file (Lesson-1-Fact-families-addition-and-subtraction-bonds-to-20 18.5.20.pdf)White Rose Lesson 1 [Maths Sheet ]1162 kB
Download this file (Y2-Lesson-2-Compare-number-sentences- 19.5.20.pdf)White Rose Lesson 2[Maths Sheet]1511 kB
Download this file (Y2-Lesson-3-Related-facts-2019 20.5.20.pdf)White Rose Lesson 3[Maths Sheet]1005 kB
Download this file (Y2-Lesson-4-Add-and-subtract-1s 21.5.20.pdf)White Rose Lesson 4[Maths Sheet]1038 kB
Download this file (EXTRA Butterfly-Pizza-Activities-Worksheet.pdf)White Rose Lesson 5 Extra [Extra maths lesson alongside CGP reasoning book. ]273 kB
Download this file (EXTRA Classroom-Kitchen-Ingredients-Recipe-Cards.pdf)White Rose Lesson 5 Extra[List of ingredients and resources needed to complete activity.]121 kB
Download this file (18.5.20 Basic Needs Lesson Presentation.ppt)Science Basic Needs 18.5.20[PowerPoint learning about our basic needs with an explaination of todays activity.]6675 kB
Download this file (Tuesday 19th May  African Animals.ppt)African Animals 19.5.20[A PowerPoint explaining The Big Five with an explanation of today's activity. ]13388 kB
Download this file (Tuesday Safari-Animal-Factfile-Display-Posters_ver_5.pdf)Animal Fact Files 19.5.20[Possible research for your chosen African Animal ]32999 kB
Download this file (The Big Five Research Sheet - African Elephant.pdf)African Elephant Research Template 19.5.20[A template to use for your animal research. ]76 kB
Download this file (The Big Five Research Sheet - African Lion.pdf) African Lion Research Template19.5.20[A template to use for your animal research ]77 kB
Download this file (The Big Five Research Sheet - Cape Buffalo.pdf)Cape Buffalo Research Template19.5.20[A template to use for your animal research]88 kB
Download this file (The Big Five Research Sheet - Leopard.pdf)Leopard Research Template19.5.20[A template to use for your animal research]109 kB
Download this file (The Big Five Research Sheet - Rhino.pdf)Rhino Research Template19.5.20[A template to use for your animal research]76 kB
Download this file (Fast Poem.pdf)Animal Fast Poem Activity 20.5.20[A description of how to create your fast poem. ]119 kB
Download this file (Grammar Posters.pdf)Grammar Posters 20.5.20[Posters to explain grammar such as verbs, adverbs and nouns to support today's task. ]1906 kB
Download this file (Animal Verbs.pdf)Animal Verbs 20.5.20[An example of verbs that can be used to descirbe animals. ]258 kB
Download this file (PHSE 21.5.20.pptx)PHSE Making Decisions PowerPoint 21.5.20[Activities explained in the powerpoint. This can be split up or only choose one task if too much for one day. ]4135 kB
Download this file (Resource 1.docx)PHSE Resouce 1 21.5.20[Resource 1 Would you rather?]277 kB
Download this file (Resource 2.docx)PHSE Resouce 2 21.5.20[ ]137 kB
Download this file (Pobble 365 task - The Great Race.docx)Pobble English Task 22.5.20[Today's english task.]129 kB
Download this file (22.5.20 Music and Dance.pptx)African Music 22.5.20[Listen to African Music on the PowerPoint. Can you create your own african moves and beat?]156954 kB