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Please find copies of previous letters and general resources below.

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Download this file (Extra Practcie Zone Parent Booklet (2).pdf)Parent Booklet for RWI Spelling[Use this parent booklet to log onto RWI Spelling Zone - See previous text messages for log in details.]3631 kB
Download this file (Sir Linkalot New.pdf)Sir Linkalot Letter [A letter explaining how you can access Sir Linkalot spelling vidoes and RWI Spelling. ]117 kB
Download this file (RWI  Update 1 Letter Home Learning.pdf)Friday 3rd April Read, Write, Inc Letter [Previous letter sent to parents regarding RWI groups and home learning. ]156 kB
Download this file (A Kids Guide To Coronavirus.pdf)A Kids Guide to Coronavirus[ ]1900 kB
Download this file (Handwriting All.pdf)Handwriting - All letters[An example of how we form our letters correctly. This can be used to practice your handwriting.]199 kB
Download this file (Handwriting Joins.pdf)Handwriting - Joins[The children asked me to upload the handwriting joins. Only children in the joining group should use this. Remember we DO NOT JOIN b g j p q x y or z at Buckton Vale]1285 kB
Download this file (Timecapsule COVID 19 2020.docx)Covid 19 Time Capsule [Create a time capsule full of memories of your time in lockdown. ]611 kB
Download this file (Home Learning Useful Websites.docx)Home Learning Useful Websites [Please find attached a variety of websites that your child can access to support learning at home.]77 kB
Download this file (Home Activities.docx)Fun Home Activities[Other fun activities that you can complete at home. ]2577 kB
Download this file (half_term_youtube_schedule May.pdf)YOUTUBE SPEED SOUNDS LESSON SCHEDULE 20th April to 29th May 2020[A schedule of speed sound lessons and videos that can be watched to support RWI. More updates coming soon!]105 kB
Download this file (Summer Reading Challenge  Letter.pdf)Summer Reading Challenge[Sign up to this years Summer Reading Challenge. ]209 kB