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Helping Children Deal with Loss

At Buckton Vale we believe that it is so important that we support children and young people through their losses in order to support their short term and long term mental well-being. I am proud to share with you that last night Mrs Lister, Mrs Brand, Mrs Cherry, Mrs Quinn and I all gained our certificates in the 'Helping children deal with loss' programme. The programme has been quite a commitment with 6 two hour training sessions over six weeks with homework tasks in-between so I would like to thank the above staff for their time and dedication to the programme.

What has been apparent since starting the Grief Recovery Training is discovering that loss goes so much deeper. So many children are dealing with many types of loss, such as the loss of a beloved pet, a grandparent or even the loss of a parent through divorce - as routines are adversely affected. If you feel your child would benefit from talking to one of the newly trained team please let your child's teacher know during parents evening this week.

We are certain it will help us all. It has been so successful that we plan to run the training again for more staff at Buckton Vale and other Tameside staff.