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Portals to the Past

To finish our topic on ‘What did we learn from the Stone Age’ we had a visitor in school to share with us some extra information, artefacts and we played games linked to hunting.

The children had the opportunity to explore and look at artefacts from the Stone Age through to the Bronze Age, we discussed farming, children learnt about the tools used to gather fruits and the roles carried out by men and women. Children also learnt about how to use the things they hunted and gathered to help them progress in their lives such as making better houses, better told and eventually farming.

After our whole class discussion we spent some time in the classroom carrying out different activities. One activity was a quiz where children had to read information and answer mini questions about the Stone Age. The next activity was creating food pictures in the style of cave painting and the teachers had to guess what food was on our plate.

Everyone in year 3 and 4 had a great day and we all made lots of memories.