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The school aims to create a happy, caring and secure environment in which our children can achieve their full potential. In order to achieve this we endeavor to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, designated to meet the needs of each pupil, and to foster an atmosphere of mutual respect within the school.

We aim to help children :

1. To develop physically, academically, socially, morally and emotionally.

2. To get on with others and to respect that others may have different needs, interests and abilities, and to respect them.

3. To develop lively, imaginative, enquiring minds; the ability to question and argue rationally; to develop critical awareness and to be able to judge what is sound and worthwhile.

4. To acquire knowledge and skills and the ability to apply themselves to tasks; to develop their potential so that they can contribute effectively to a fast changing world.

5. To achieve personal success at home, work and leisure as a member of society having certain rights, priveleges, duties and responsibilities.

6. To develop self-awareness, self-respect and respect for the differences of others, whether those be of race, creed, gender or opinion.

7. To understand the world in which we live and the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations and, to develop the ability to empathise with others irrespective of personal differences.

8. To appreciate the enviroment in which they live and to develop a personal involvement in its conservation and enhancement.

9. To appreciate human achievement in art, music, science, technology, literature and sport and to acquire an appreciation of those good things in life that will make it rewarding for them.

10. To develop a sense of self-respect, the capacity to live as independent, selfmotivated adults and to strive for excellence in all they do.