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British Values at Buckton Vale

 At Buckton Vale we believe that children should have a strong understanding of what it means to be British. We provide our children with opportunities to explore their own cultures and appreciate how Britain has been influenced by other cultures and beliefs.

The pupils at Buckton Vale recognise the multi- cultural and multi- faith nature of the United Kingdom and we encourage them to reflect upon these differences and explore their own role in such a diverse society. In addition the pupils are taught to be respectful and tolerant to those of different faiths and beliefs. 

Our school has an active School Council and Eco Committee. These representatives have been voted for by children across all classes in a fair and democratic process.

Furthermore, many of our whole school assemblies often cover major political events taking place across Great Britain.

Acceptance of Different Faiths and Beliefs
Our RE curriculum encapsulates a broad and balanced coverage of all of the major religions, cultures and faiths including Christianity, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism. We ensure that children have a good understanding and tolerance of these different beliefs and we actively seek opportunities to explore shared values that religions can promote in synchrony with core British Values.

Individual Liberty
There are many children across our school that have individual roles and responsibilities to fulfil. The children in year six are given an opportunity to become prefects as well as peer mediators with responsibilities in supporting the younger pupils during breaks and lunchtimes.

At Buckton Vale we constantly promote positive choices and behaviour. Those children who consistently work hard and make good behaviour choices are nominated as School Ambassadors.

Within the classroom and in the wider school community, pupils are given the opportunities and the freedom to make their own choices knowing that they are in a safe and secure environment.

Mutual Respect
At Buckton Vale our PSHE curriculum embodies values of mutual respect. The children are taught various units including areas such as ‘relationships’, ‘friendships’ and ‘bullying’ which all help to teach the fundamental skills and knowledge involved in respecting other pupils and adults around us.

‘Respect’ is also one of our school values and children are taught about the importance of respecting each other’s ideas, beliefs and views.

The Rule of Law
Buckton Vale has a very clear behaviour policy, ensuring that children adhere to the rules and regulations of our school. All stakeholders understand and follow the behaviour policy and they understand the repercussions of making wrong choices. We have a set of school values that the children are expected to follow and where this is the case rewards are given.

Some of our whole school assemblies are also delivered with a focus on following laws such as E-Safety and road safety.

Furthermore we have links with the local police and year six participates in the Crucial Crew programme.