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Spring 1

I really hope that you enjoyed sharing the pictures and work that went on to the website last term and I hope the children enjoyed sharing their learning with you. Mrs Thompson and I certainly enjoyed the Stone Age topic and were really impressed with the progress that the children made in all areas of their learning last term- particularly in becoming more independent and adjusting to the high expectations we have in Year 3.

Our topic this term is ‘What makes the Earth angry?’ We will be looking at volcanoes, using map skills, carrying out some research into the cause and effects of volcanoes as well as studying a volcano in detail.
In Science we are looking at our body, the skeleton, muscles and how we move. Children will use scientific vocabulary and gain an understanding of how our bodies work, how to keep healthy and the purpose of our skeleton and muscles.

The class novel this term is ‘Volcano Adventure’ by Willard price. The children have already started to read the novel in class and are already eager to continue. We will carry out all of our English skills and objectives through this book and the outcomes of this will vary dependant on where the children take the story – I am very excited to share the work that the children produce through this novel, as it has great potential to reveal some truly fantastic writing.

We will be learning all about Length, time and shape in Maths this term. Children have worked exceptionally hard in Maths so far this year and are managing to get through their practice, reasoning and challenge activities confidently. I am certain that the children will continue with this enthusiasm throughout the Spring term too.

What can you do to help?

Please continue to read with your child every day – even just a few pages will be beneficial.

Please make sure that anything you send into school for P.E, Forest School and Uniform has your child’s name in to ensure nothing gets lost.