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We truly value parental involvement in school and operate a VIP system, which has proved a very valuable learning tool for both parents and children. 

Comments from previous visits have included:

‘had an opportunity to listen to him read to his teacher and I got some good tips on how to enhance his daily reading by asking questions about the story and new words’

‘the children in the reception classes are a delight and real credit to the school, they are confident, friendly, polite and eager to learn, I was impressed with the outcomes of the their work and they was in which the children were so organised. It was lovely to witness the values which Mrs Lister and the team promote in the classroom’

‘the children were a pleasure to be around and very well behaved and clearly all enjoyed being at their school’

‘The outdoor facilities you have built up for them are really good and we were pleased to see the importance you have on outdoor play and getting messy’

‘the sessions were appropriately set for the children and encouraged individual development’

‘what an amazing day, very well structure for the children and in-depth subject information, great control of such a large group in a supportive manner, it gave me confidence () is safe and happy in school’

‘I really enjoyed my day at school, it was lovely to see all the children getting along so well’

‘as a parent who can’t drop off and pick up this visit was very valuable’

‘it has given me the chance to see what makes up (my child's) day, so I can be more specific when asking about her day – now we have proper conversations’

‘as a parent it is a wonderful day that allows an insight to my child’s schooling’

‘it was interesting to see how the day is structured between work, play, individual and group sessions’

‘it has been useful to observe the activities you do day to day and will be able to help (my child) more from the observations we have made’


The complete file of evaluations is available to read on request.

We look forward to your visit.