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Autumn 1
What a busy half term we have had at Forest School. We started by learning our rules and making sticks with pictures to remind us of these rules.

1. Listen – to help us stay safe
2. Respect for each other and nature, so don’t pick things that are growing.
3. Footprint – don’t leave a negative footprint or anything that will damage our environment or hurt nature.

  0001   002  



Year 1 are looking at seasonal changes, so we keep checking to see how the trees are changing.  Lots of leaves have been falling from the trees and we decided to use them for some outdoor art. Can you see the snakes?

  003   004  



Year 2 have been looking at materials in science and after a visit from the Buckton Vale Dragon we needed to make new homes for the fairies that live in the forest.  The children worked hard to build new houses and we decided that the tarpaulin was the best material to make a house as it would keep the fairies dry and the dragon would not be able to see them because they were camouflaged.




Year1, Year 1/2 and Year 2 have all been thinking about the creatures we have in the area and wondering what they will do over the winter. We talked about hibernation which we know is the big sleep that many creatures have over the winter. We heard a story about Hetty the Hedgehog , who was very hungry and wanted something to eat before she had her big sleep. So, we had a hedgehog tea party and invited all Hetty’s friends.




We had slugs, snails, worms and bugs to eat. Yum Yum. Then we made hog houses and put some hedgehog food inside to encourage hedgehogs to go inside. We had to be very careful when we were using the hammers to make sure we didn’t hit our fingers.  We have put some leaves and grass inside to make a comfy be for the hedgehogs and look forward to seeing if anything goes inside.




One day while we were outside it was raining so Year 1 went puddle jumping, this was great fun!




Watch this space to see what fun we have next half term.