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Welcome to Ash


Ash class has 2 teachers. Mrs Crowther will be in class on Mondays, Tuesdays and alternate Wednesday mornings. Mrs McQuillan will be in class on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Mrs Garrigan is in class to support some sessions.
If you need to contact us you can speak to us in the morning as we collect the children, after school as we bring out the class, send in a letter or phone the office. We are happy to arrange a meeting or chat on the phone if you have any concerns.

Behaviour, Rewards and Sanctions
As you are aware we now have a behaviour system in school where the children collect ‘dojos’. These are just like value cards but they are collected on a computer system which is more visual for the children; each child can see how many dojos they have earned. Together with the school council, we decided that we are going to award certificates for achieving a certain number of Dojos per academic year. If a child receives 100 Dojos they will receive a bronze certificate; if they receive 200 they will receive a silver certificate and finally, if they receive 300 Dojos they will receive a gold certificate. The children requested that these certificates were to be sent home in their book bags as a surprise for you as parents.In addition to this, the teacher will on occasions send home a positive postcard. The positive postcard can be received for following any of our school values consistently or for any exceptional pieces of work that your child may have completed. These postcards will be sent via your child.The sanction aspect of our behaviour system has not changed. If children have a dojo deducted their name is moved from gold to purple, if they have 2 dojos removed their names are moved to blue and they are sent to work alone in the classroom. If a child loses 5 dojos a yellow card will be issued. A child receiving a yellow card will go to work in another class for the remainder of the session and parents will be contacted by the teacher or a member of staff as soon as this is possible but within 48 hours. Yellow card incidents are recorded on our school computer system. Children who receive yellow cards miss out on a part of the end of term reward. Senior Leaders will directly contact parents regarding the behaviour of children that become a concern.We expect the children to behave positively and remain on task. We regularly reward good behaviour with verbal praise and feedback as well as Star of the Week. Stars of the Week are now mentioned on the weekly school newsletter and are presented with their certificate in our Achievement assembly the following Wednesday. You are most welcome to attend these assemblies. Could we politely request that you check your email for the whole school newsletter on a weekly basis. Alternatively, the newsletter can be found on our website.

Reading In School
Children do guided reading every week in school. The whole class read the text together and answer comprehension questions based on what they have read. Some children may read in a smaller group, on a text at their level.Children bring home a reading book – please write how your child has read in the reading record book. Some children will progress onto library books where they can borrow books from our school/class library. We are happy for these children to read books from home. It is most beneficial to discuss the texts read to develop your child’s understanding of the text and to clarify the meanings of any new vocabulary. If your child can’t answer your questions help them by re-reading the relevant section of text to find the answer. Children will usually change reading books on Tuesday or Thursday. Please send your child’s reading book and record book into school every day.

Groupings in Class
Children no longer sit in ability groups for all lessons. We are continually assessing children and groupings change regularly.

We follow the whole school marking policy and mark work in pink and green. We ‘tickle pink’ things we are pleased with and ‘green for growth’ what your child needs to try to improve or work towards next time. Children are encouraged to assess their own learning. Editing is now a crucial part of our writing and children are shown how to edit their own work. We use a complex code but one the children learn to use competently. It has been seen as excellent practice by moderators in the authority in the past. We also operate peer marking and self-marking systems within lessons.

This will be a variety of maths, English or science in addition to project homework for a topic. It will be sent home on Friday and I would like it returned by Tuesday please.Reading and discussing a chosen reading book is also an important part of homework. We ask children to read aloud at home at least once a week so that they focus on their expression and you also get the opportunity to listen to them read. Please record any reading in the reading record. Your child needs to keep reading books in their school bag so they are in school every day.Spelling journals will be sent home on a Friday and are to be in school every day. The children will usually be tested on Thursdays.Times tables are extremely important (children are expected to know all tables by the end of Y4) and weekly practise in this area will be beneficial. Children can access Rockstars at home. A speed test, out of order at home will help their learning. Using Rockstars at school, children have 3 minutes to complete a sheet of tables (multiplication or division). Mental maths is on-going and good to fit into any spare minutes you may have. Practise number bonds, addition and subtractions (for any number up to 100), doubles and halves of numbers. Word problems are always tricky so turning a sum into a word problem is another great way of supporting your child’s learning at home.

Water Bottles
Please provide your child with a small, named water bottle to keep in the classroom. These must have ‘sports caps’ to reduce spillages. These can be purchased at only 70p at the school office. We encourage children to take water bottles home regularly for a thorough wash.

Please put your child’s name in every piece of uniform, shoes, coats, bags and p.e, kits. Children need a waterproof coat with a hood.

Healthy Snacks
As part of our healthy school programme we would like to encourage the children to being only healthy snacks to school, e.g fruit, vegetables, breadsticks or toast.