During our INSET day, we have all been learning about the Power of Positive Psychology with Positive Psychologist Julie Hurst.

In the photographs we are attempting to balance an egg and working out a puzzle. These exercises teach us all about how important it is to have grit and determination. We didn't give up!

Buckton Vale is now an officially recognised PERMA/Positive Education school. PERMA is a model of practice created by Professor Martin Seligman.

P - Positive Emotion

E - Engagement

R - Positive Relationships

M - Meaning

A - Accomplishments/Achievements

Soon, we will receive our certificates from Positive Psychologist and trainer, Julie Hurst and school will now be using the logo from the British Psychological Society. We absolutely love it and can't wait to share even more exciting ideas with the children and parents.

The below video is a link to Julie Hurst YouTube page where she talks about Positive Education.