Forest school at Buckton Vale

The children at Buckton Vale get to do Forest School for 1 term each school year. The activities enable the children to engage with the natural environment, learn about where our fruit and veg come from, with the opportunity to grow and then eventually eat anything that we produce.

Other activities include den building, survival skills and tool use. The children progress through these skills, starting with building fairy dens to eventually building shelters for themselves.

Safety is an important factor and the children are taught to manage risks.

We also do activities to expand the children’s imagination, we recently had a visit from Desmond, the baby Buckton Vale dragon who left a little puddle. The children in KS1 had to experiment to find which materials would be most suitable to mop up the puddle.

We love to get dirty at Forest School, encouraging every child to get fully immersed and most importantly have fun!